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IN Wishaw is the new digital platform designed to promote what’s going on in Wishaw town centre. As well as our Facebook page you can also find out what’s going on over on Twitter at IN_Wishaw We’ll be launching a dedicated Wishaw website very soon, where you will find all the latest offers, events and news from your local town centre, so keep an eye out for that.
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Want to see what is really in Area 51? 😂
We wouldn't recommend trying, but with North Lanarkshire Doors Open Days, you can go and visit some of North Lanarkshire's best venues over the weekend - Get into buildings!
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Unsure on how to control your Stress?

Pop along to Stress Control classes to help develop skills and techniques to manage common issues caused by modern day living such as stress, anxiety or low confidence, which can affect well-being

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Tots of Fun @ml2 is a toddlers group running every Tuesday from 9.30am at @MADE4U_INML2
Fun and creative games and activities for the wee ones 👶

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Watch this mesmerising video featuring the Wishawhill Wood Pumptrack from minute 3:10.
We bet you'll end up watching the full thing though! 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️

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